"Our philosophy is planning driven and goal oriented"

At Lee Wealth Management Group LLC, we deliver comprehensive wealth management with a focus on risk adjusted high impact results.

At the core, we believe that all successful investing is planning driven and goal oriented.  A basket of mutual funds, stocks, or annuities is not a financial plan. Our clients' unique goals and objectives are the foundation for their financial plan. That financial plan then dictates the investment strategies, and the investment strategies then lead us to the specific investment vehicles to be utilized. The more popular, yet unsustainable, shorter term approach is to be performance driven and market oriented. We believe that the longer term goals and objectives of our clients should not be compromised by trendy, media driven trading activities. That approach leaves the investor with a hodgepodge of investments  with little regard to how those investments fit into their overall financial plan.

Our approach is product agnostic at the core, and our success is measured by the success of our valuable clients.